Addiction and Anxiety Treatment

Substance use and anxiety disorders are often linked together. If you’re turning to addictive drugs or alcohol to deal with anxiety, can help. Reach out to us at 888-369-7727, and get started in our rehab program for anxiety and addiction. We provide skilled medical and mental health support to help you handle your substance use, anxiety, and avoid relapse. 

We’re Here To Help You End The Anxiety-Addiction Spiral

Anxiety disorders are upsetting and disruptive to your life. Alcohol and drugs may temporarily push away those feelings of anxiety. However, using an intoxicant to self-medicate can lead you into the anxiety-substance use spiral.

This of using dependency-causing substances to ease anxiety works for a short time but is not a long-term solution. Initially, the joyous effects help alleviate feelings of concern and tension. But, anxiety grows as the initial effects wear off. You continue ingesting drugs or alcohol to recover those euphoric feelings but only feel worse in the end. As your body develops a tolerance to whatever you’re taking, it takes more to attain that original result. Over time, addiction sets in.

Evolve Recovery Center recognizes the bond between anxiety and substance use. We are prepared to help you escape this devastating cycle with specialized support for anxiety and addiction. We'll help you come to grips with your anxiety disorder to better recover from substance use. Under our supervision, you'll receive mental health and addiction treatment to help you build the strength needed to triumph over your addiction and progress despite your anxiety. Call 888-369-7727 today -- your call will be answered. 

How We Help You Through Anxiety And Addiction

Ending the anxiety-addiction spiral can seem impossible, but you don’t have to do it on your own. You deserve competent healthcare to overcome your anxiety and drug or alcohol use. Evolve Recovery Center addresses the residual effects of withdrawal and can identify co-occurring mental disorders at our rehab facility. We'll give you medicine and strategies to stay sober. Simultaneously, you start developing skills for living with anxiety to help you stay away from relapse. We accomplish this by providing you: 

  • A safe, drug-free setting
  • A structured routine
  • Plenty of time for relaxation and positive recreation 
  • Many forms of mental health therapy customized to your needs
  • Experienced medical support for post-acute withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • 24-hour emotional assistance  

Therapy for addiction and co-occurring conditions is a vital aspect of your care at . You'll delve into your mental health face-to-face with a licensed clinician in individual therapy. In group therapy, a therapist will guide you and other participants to talk about anxiety and addiction. In these sessions, you'll work on: 

  • Learning about the link between substance use and anxiety
  • Healing from past trauma that contributed to your substance use and anxiety
  • Identifying unproductive ways of thinking and triggers of substance use and anxiety
  • Using worthwhile coping devices
  • Developing good communication and interpersonal skills 

Individual and group therapy sessions aren’t our lone tool for addressing your mental health. You could also be given an anxiety medicine or get help adjusting your dose. Consuming medication as recommended will help you recover a feeling of normalcy and resist ingesting habit-forming substances during your recovery and in the days ahead.

Why Come To Evolve Recovery Center For Rehab?

Rehab is a crucial part of your recovery from addiction, and we don’t take it lightly at Evolve Recovery Center. We work hard to offer a superior level of care for the greatest chance of sustained recovery. As part of our high level of care, you'll benefit from: 

  • Personalized treatment based on your unique care plan
  • Evidence-based techniques and medical support
  • Compassionate, dignified care from our personnel
  • Complete confidentiality and patient privacy
  • Aftercare planning for care when you leave
  • A relaxing bedroom with attached bath
  • Patient break areas and entertaining activities
  • Balanced chef-made meals
  • Guidance for all your insurance and billing questions 

If seems like the ideal match for you, call us at 888-369-7727 today to get more information about our specialized care for anxiety and addiction. We look forward to helping you make strides toward a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Find Help For Anxiety And Addiction

Receive exceptional care at Evolve Recovery Center when grappling with anxiety and addiction. Place a call to 888-369-7727 or fill out the following form for assistance. We always reply promptly, at all hours, each day of the year. We are here to talk to you now.