Specialized Hydrocodone (Vicodin) Rehab

Overcoming an addiction to Vicodin® or a different type of hydrocodone-based drug can frequently seem like an insurmountable feat, but it shouldn’t be. You can start on a path to lasting sobriety by turning to the addiction professionals at Evolve. We’ll help you through hydrocodone rehab within a structured environment that revolves around your safety. We are here to help you move forward in your recovery today.

What Is Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid designed to treat pain of a moderate to severe level. It’s usually taken subsequent to an injury or surgical procedure. As with other opioids, it binds to pain receptors in the brain and blocks or lessens pain signals. It also produces feel-good sensations, which play a role in addiction. Hydrocodone is typically combined with acetaminophen and sold under the brand names Vicodin, Lorcet-HD®, Lortab®, and others.

How To Know If You Require Vicodin Rehab?

Even medications prescribed by doctors might pose a threat to you when misused. You could need Vicodin rehab if any of these indicators apply to you:

  • Using Vicodin in excess or beyond the prescription
  • Persistent use even though you’ve attempted to discontinue
  • Falling short of family and work obligations
  • Physical tolerance which requires more pills to get a “high”
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as enhanced cravings, mood swings, or tremors
  • You also have a drinking problem or use other drugs

Evolve provides hydrocodone rehab for ages 18 and over. Most patients have been through a detox program and need additional care. If you need detox, our affiliated facility at Sunrise Detox can accommodate you.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Vicodin Rehab

Going to a residential treatment center is the initial step in your hydrocodone rehab. We’ll aid you in taking an objective inventory of yourself and give you the guidance you need with an individualized treatment plan. We’re pleased to offer a couple important suggestions to help you prepare for Vicodin rehab.

  • Figure out arrangements for work, children, and pets before you depart. We know you have real-world priorities. Considering this, taking steps to protect your employment is of the utmost importance. Our staff are experts in taking care of these circumstances and will collaborate with your organization’s HR department to get leave approved.
  • Plan how you will get here. If you need a ride to and from Evolve, call us at 888-369-7727, and let us arrange one for you.
  • Pack for a minimum of 10 days. Pack comfortable clothing, haircare products, and personal hygiene needs, some reading material, and a little cash for the vending machines. You will be able to wash clothes at the facility as needed.

What’s The Timeframe For Hydrocodone (Vicodin) Rehab?

Evolve Recovery Center believes that a custom-tailored rehab strategy is important to long-term recovery. With that in mind, the amount of time you spend with us is contingent on your particular treatment pan. The duration of your residence might be affected by how long you have used hydrocodone, whether you’ve been to rehab before, co-occurring mental health disorders, and other circumstances.

As a general rule, you should anticipate being with us for no less than two weeks, but it’s not uncommon to stay longer. Our counselors will make a specific recommendation for you once completing your beginning assessment during the admissions process.

What To Anticipate From Vicodin Rehab?

You will be guided by experienced clinicians interested in giving you the best opportunity for a lasting recovery. This is achieved with a comprehensive approach that not only takes into account your drug use but also any existing co-occurring disorders.

Evolve stresses the importance of evidence-based practices and group therapy while also assisting you via family and individual therapy. Furthermore, you will find benefit in goal setting each day, peer support, and the formation of your aftercare blueprint. Medication-assisted treatment is an option if needed.

Our Approach To Keeping You Safe at Evolve

Even when you went through Vicodin detox, you might still have the urge to use and be at risk of a relapse. Not to mention, the chance of a fatal overdose goes up following detox.

We’ll safeguard you with the following measures:

  • Personalized treatment plans
  • A conducive environment free from external factors that trigger Vicodin use
  • Expert, 24/7 care from qualified professionals
  • Teaching of effective coping skills
  • Medication to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings

Get Started On Hydrocodone Rehab Today

Do you need to start hydrocodone rehab? Contact us at 888-369-7727 or fill out the following form for immediate help. Evolve is here for you at all hours, seven days a week. Request help today.