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East Coast Intervention Services From Evolve Recovery Center

It's heartbreaking when someone you care about is battling addiction, but declines to seek help. What can you do? An intervention may force a family member or friend to understand that their addiction has an effect on others and that they ought to seek professional treatment.

If you’re thinking about an intervention for someone you care about, Evolve Recovery Center can assist. Contact us today to inquire about how our addiction intervention services can guide you in staging an intervention. We’ll guide you to the resources and experts who will assist you in getting your loved one the treatment they need.

Get Your Loved One Help With Alcohol And Drug Intervention Services

Completing an intervention is a sensitive matter. If not done adequately, you may end up forcing your friend or family member away instead of assisting them. Our intervention specialists can help guide you to the desired outcome. We have an abundance of experience working with families to convince a loved one to get started on or continue substance use treatment.

When you reach out to us for intervention services, we’ll discuss your exact circumstances and concerns. If you choose to proceed, we offer two ways to help you have an intervention:

  • An Evolve specialist can assist you on a call. They will tell you how to complete the intervention yourself. While your caring and desire to help can make your friend or family member see an issue, it can help to have a specialist advise on what to do next. We’ll talk to them during the call about what recovery plan is most appropriate for their circumstances and underscore the repercussions of avoiding help.
  • Connect you with an accredited interventionist in your region. We are affiliated with expert interventionists in the community and will provide a reference to one who will help you organize an in-person intervention. They will instruct you on how to approach your relation and stay in charge of the discussion, so it remains constructive.

How Does An Intervention Work?

If you haven't witnessed a substance use intervention except for on TV, what can you anticipate? Here are the basic steps of an intervention:

  1. Make a plan with a tight-knit group of people who care about the person in need: family, friends, clergy, or healthcare professionals. A skilled interventionist can also help keep the intervention on point. Ensure you understand the degree of the substance use and what you want to do next in the process.

  2. ​​Request your loved one to come with you to a location without revealing why. Your support team should also come.

  3. Communicate to your loved one you and all others in the group are present because you are concerned them, and don’t want to let their dependency on substances wreck their life.

  4. Let everyone to speak on how your loved one’s dependency has had an impact on them.

  5. Offer a rehab program and probable ramifications for not seeking treatment. Hold firm if they reply in a negative way. A professional interventionist can help steer this interchange.

  6. If they agree to treatment, begin the tasks to get them admitted to rehab immediately.

Is It Possible To Perform An Intervention Within Inpatient Rehab?

Addiction rehabilitation has a great deal of ups and downs. On occasion clients want to discontinue rehab against their counselors’ guidance. While each rehab program might its own means of handling the situation when an individual declines therapy, Evolve Recovery Center can guide an intervention at our center. We’ll invite you to attend in person or online to explore things like:

  • Why your friend or relative wishes to finish treatment prematurely

  • Why we believe they ought to remain

  • The consequences -- including relapse or overdose -- of leaving rehab too soon

  • If a lower kind of treatment is appropriate

  • How Evolve staff and loved ones can further support the patient to help them keep going

Evolve Is Able To Answer Your Questions About Interventions, Treatment, and Addiction

Relatives and friends play a crucial role in our addiction rehab program. Our patients enjoy the most success when all involved work as one to benefit them. When relatives have questions about drug or alcohol rehab, just get in touch with one of our specialists. We are able to provide information on:

  • When should a loved one get addiction rehab

  • The consequences of not entering rehab

  • Our goals and therapy methodologies

  • How you are able to help your relative or friend in treatment

  • How to deal with the difficulties of having someone you love in rehab

If you need to learn more about substance use rehab at Evolve in advance of admitting a family member, contact 888-369-7727 24/7. Our team will answer all of your questions and concerns to make certain that your loved one can receive the treatment they need without delay.

Inquire About Intervention Services Today

No person has to tackle addiction by themselves. If you or a loved one needs substance use therapy, you can get help today by calling 888-369-7727 or completing the form below. Someone will reply right away, no matter the day or time. We are standing by for you now and always.