Substance Use And Co-occurring Disorders Rehab

When you scuffle with a substance use disorder, there’s often an untreated mental illness as well. Evolve Recovery Center provides substance use rehab emphasizing support for co-occurring mental health disorders. You’ll get support for your mental health while undergoing treatment for substance addiction. If you’re looking for a safe place to stay after finishing a detox program, contact us at 888-369-7727 anytime to learn about our admissions process.

Treating Co-occurring Disorders

A “co-occurring” disorder is a mental illness you have along with an alcohol or drug use disorder. Often, this condition is a core cause of your substance use. To help you work past your substance use disorder, also addresses the mental illness that precipitated it. When we help you enhance your mental outlook, you have a better opportunity of a lasting recovery from addiction.

You'll receive treatment for drug and alcohol withdrawal and mental health at our rehabilitation facility. We commence by conducting a private evaluation to understand your medical background and formulate a customized care plan for you. Based on that plan, you'll go to one-on-one and group therapy appointments to focus on your mental and behavioral health. Regular sessions for co-occurring disorders and addiction will help you learn skills for preserving positive mental health and resisting drug and alcohol use.

Guided by adept practitioners, you’ll look into

  • How mental health factors into drug and alcohol use
  • The roots of mental illness
  • How to better mental health
  • How to handle mental health conditions in a healthy manner
  • How to deal with stress and troubling feelings without addictive substances
  • How to control cravings

Our knowledgeable medical staff may also prescribe safe and effective medications for mental conditions or help you manage the prescriptions you are already using. Taking the correct drugs and dosage levels will help you feel better without going back to harmful substances. When you move on from our treatment facility, you’ll be on a path toward lasting recovery.

Co-occurring Disorders We Help You Address 

treats several different co-occurring disorders. Our specialists grasp the specific struggles of the conditions we treat and support you with empathy and established techniques. We’ll help you reprogram your mind and learn healthy habits for enduring sobriety.


If you’ve been coping with depression through the use of habit-forming drugs or alcohol, is here to help. You'll explore how to stop negative feelings and thoughts without resorting to dangerous substances through counseling. We can also help you determine the correct dose of an effective antidepressant to help you get better.


Alcohol or drugs can nudge anxiety down for a while, but it will resurface without adequate treatment. We use evidence-based care to help you handle anxious feelings and steer clear of panic attacks. We can also help you determine the appropriate medication to stabilize your brain's processing, which could make it less of a challenge to steer clear of addictive substances.

Bipolar Disorder

It's challenging to deal with drug or alcohol use when you endure intense mood changes from bipolar disorder. Drugs and alcohol are commonly utilized as a way to self-medicate. Through counseling and prescribed drugs, helps you balance your mood, alleviating a significant trigger to drug and alcohol use.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Substances feel like a distraction from PTSD, but they are just making the situation more difficult. At Evolve Recovery Center, you can discuss your concerns with a skilled therapist and other patients with comparable experiences. In therapy, you’ll learn new ways to cope that don’t involve alcohol or dependency-causing drugs.

Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

People with ADHD often grapple with self-regulation and impulse management. These issues might make individuals with ADHD more vulnerable to alcohol and drug use disorders. We'll help you determine how to deal with your ADHD during addiction recovery so you may conduct a rewarding, substance-free life post-rehabilitation and into the future.

Pick To Get Support For Co-occurring Disorders And Addiction

When you’re accepted for addiction and co-occurring disorders rehab, you have a right to a superior level of care. Evolve Recovery Center works hard to provide exceptional, empathetic care. We wish for you to lead a meaningful life and know that process starts with a worthwhile experience in rehab. We work to set you up for success by offering:
  • Evidence-based mental health treatments
  • One-on-one and group therapy
  • A custom care plan adapted to your specific needs
  • Safe, welcoming living accommodations
  • Wholesome, chef-cooked meals and refreshments
  • Ample rest time
  • Fun activities included
  • Unwavering patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Aftercare planning in advance of discharge
  • Specialized guidance for insurance and billing issues
  • Respectful, non-judgmental care

Get the professional help you need today by contacting 888-369-7727 and asking about our enrollment process. We’ll tell you all you ought to know and help get you enrolled ASAP. The faster you come to , the sooner we can help you get well.

Find Help For Co-occurring Disorders And Addiction Now

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