Effective Stimulants Rehab on the East Coast

Some stimulants can help you feel revitalized and efficient, but a dependency on stimulants will consume your life. If you’re struggling with stimulant use disorder, Evolve Recovery Center is able to help. Our stimulants rehab center gives you a protected place to obtain inpatient treatment for addiction when you’re set to get your life back under control.

What Are Stimulants?

Stimulants are chemicals that speed up your body's systems. When a stimulant enters the body, you will start feeling awake or jubilant. Common stimulants, like coffee, are used every day without much ill effect. But stimulants are also manufactured to heighten their impact. These include:

  • Caffeine pills
  • Methylphenidates (Ritalin and Desoxyn)
  • Amphetamines (Adderall and meth)
  • EphedrineVyvanseDextroamphetamine (Dexedrine)
  • Cocaine (crack) 
  • Cannabis (marijuana)
You can take a stimulant by swallowing it, but they are also often inhaled through the nose, smoked, or given intravenously. Because the pleasurable effects are generally brief, manufactured stimulants have a significant risk for misuse. Your body may also establish a tolerance to stimulants, making it need more of the drug to get the same level of euphoria. And the longer you consume a stimulant, the more reliant you get.

How Do You Know If You Need Stimulants Rehab?

Stimulant addiction has the power to make your life difficult. You may not realize how bad things have gotten in the beginning. Still, you should seek help if you:
  • Put the need to use before your job, loved ones, and activities you used to enjoy
  • Consume illegal stimulants on a regular basis
  • Encounter health issues like heart complications, lung and nasal damage, sores or skin inflammation, and dental difficulties from the use of stimulants
  • Endure depression, anxiety, paranoia, or psychosis from taking stimulants
  • Experience symptoms of withdrawal or cravings during periods of abstinence
  • Take more stimulants than planned 
  • Have to have a greater dosage of stimulants to achieve the accustomed results 
  • Have loved ones urging you to attend rehab
  • Haven’t had the ability to quit on your own
For many, rehabilitation is the second step in overcoming stimulant addiction after detoxification. If you aren't sure if you need detox or rehab, place a call to 888-369-7727 to consider your choices.

What You Should Do To Prepare Yourself For Stimulants Rehab At Evolve

Once we accept you as a patient, there are some steps you should do before coming to Evolve to help you feel more equipped as you begin your rehab treatment.
1. Make preparations for family and job responsibilities when you’re away. Our staff are able to help you establish time away from your job. We have comprehensive knowledge about programs like FMLA and are pleased to work with your employer’s human resources department.
2. Pack sufficient essentials for no less than ten days. We suggest bringing comfortable clothes, hair care and hygiene items, and your favored magazines of books. You will enjoy access to laundry facilities during your time here.
3. Figure out a way here. If you are looking for safe transportation options, inform us, and we'll aid you with a ride to and from your home or the airport.
4.  Review our Admissions page to get an idea of what you can anticipate at the intake phase.

What Is The Duration For Stimulants Rehab?

When you entrust us as your stimulants rehab, we treat you as a unique individual. We’ll look after you for however long you need our support, so the length of your treatment plan is contingent on several factors like:
  • The level of your stimulant use 
  • Your physical health upon admission
  • Any other present mental health disorders
  • Other drugs or alcohol rehab needs
  • How you respond to treatment
  • What your custom-tailored treatment plan necessitates
With these variables taken under consideration, you can expect to be in our facility in the range of 14 to 90 days. We are able to provide a more precise idea of what you can anticipate after your evaluation once you get here.

What You Should Anticipate From Stimulants Rehab

At our stimulants rehab center, you can plan to receive exceptional care for your psychological and physical benefit. You'll enjoy a cozy bedroom with well-balanced meals and snacks, not to mention access to stimulating recreational endeavors. If you are in need of help managing withdrawal discomfort, our nursing staff is capable of determining a safe dosage of medication to provide you with comfort. For treatment, you will go to a few different sorts of therapy, depending on your personalized support plan:
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • 12-step or SMART Recovery sessions
  • Personal therapy 
We utilize evidence-based methods to address the underlying cause of stimulant use disorder and educate you on positive coping devices to help you avoid relapsing. We’ll also welcome your relatives to take part in at least one therapy session with you to figure out how they can assist you in recovery.

Ways We Maintain Your Safety Throughout Stimulants Rehab 

You’re in peril of falling back into addiction, even to a lethal extent, after undergoing stimulant detoxification. Evolve Recovery Center provides a protected setting to rehab away from the external forces to take stimulants again after detox. Here, you have the opportunity to concentrate on yourself and your substance use recovery in a supportive environment. We place a priority on safety with:

  • Tailored treatment for your unique needs
  • Modern, relaxing rooms and resident lounges
  • Skilled medical care
  • Planning for future care
  • Compassionate clinicians and support staff
  • Inflexible patient privacy and confidentiality guidelines

Get Support For Stimulant Use Disorder Now

If you or a family member need help to quit stimulants, Evolve Recovery Center will show you how. Place a call to 888-369-7727 or fill out the following form, and a member of our team will reach out to you immediately. Irregardless of the time or day, we are ready to help you.